"I am a lover, and have not yet found my thing to love" ~ Sherwood Anderson

25th July 2014

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25th July 2014

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25th July 2014

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mike stripping again

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25th July 2014

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25th July 2014

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Awkward Mike Warren appreciation GIF set

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25th July 2014

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24th July 2014

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On this date 29 years ago, 13 July 1985, Queen blew the roof off of the Live Aid benefit concert.  It’s performances like this that guarantee that they were, are, and forever will be the champions.

Love this. 


A couple of things:

Firstly, this is fucking awesome, and it makes me feel SO OLD to know that this was 29 years ago. Holy shit. I watched this on MTV live when it was on. I was 15 years old.

Secondly, I grew up in a strongly conservative Christian household in which homosexuality was considered an illness. The first time I saw Freddie Mercury, my mother said “look at his face — you can tell he’s sick.” I was about 13. I couldn’t exactly see what she meant, but I always searched his face for signs of it. It took me a long time to shake off the ideas that I was raised on, but watching this, I feel so sad that I wasn’t able, at the time, to properly appreciate how badass this was, and how unbelievably resplendently brilliant he was.

At the same time, seeing this now and remembering how I saw it then makes me so happy, because the world has changed so much since then. When my son was 15 — the age I was when I saw this performance — he told me he was gay, and I told him it was all ok, and that I loved him. He went to his senior prom with his first boyfriend — something that never could have happened in a million years in my high school. My son’s grandmother, my mother, who once saw homosexuality as an evil, has long since realised how wrong she was and has warmly embraced who her grandson is. The idea that homosexuality is an illness, or a wrong of any kind is so inconceivable for so many of us today, and I think that’s amazing and awesome. It makes me believe in progress.

And yeah — this is an incredible performance. Such a pleasure to see it again.

Reblogging for that story. Love.

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24th July 2014

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24th July 2014

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The S. Rogers Memorial (it’s NOT a shrine) to J. B. Barnes - SkyisGray →

When the Avengers realize that Steve doesn’t have anything to remind him of Bucky Barnes, they embark on a project to track down Bucky memorabilia. But it seems that Steve isn’t the only visitor to the (unofficial) J. B. Barnes memorial (which is totally NOT a shrine, Tony).

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24th July 2014

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*wrecked sobbing* Oh, Cap….

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